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Georgina McKinnon DHP, Adv, sporthyp, FAPHP, NRAH, CNHC, MBBRS, RSM

Consultant Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Coach and BWRT® practioner. Working with Individuals, Couples and Children at 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF

Award winning Hypnotherapist Georgina McKinnon has a deep understanding of people, of how their minds work and how they think and react.

She does not believe in a one size fits all approach to therapy and this is why she has so many accolades from those who travel to see her in person from all over the UK and the continent.  Georgina also works on Skype with people worldwide. 

Each client is treated as a completely unique individual, treatment tailored to perfectly fit the clients personality and needs 

Elegant solutions of therapy are offered with the benefit of a vast tool bag of experience, this helps get fast and often astonishing results. Georgina consistently receives great reviews and feedback from individual clients, recommendations drive the majority of her work.

A thoroughly modern therapist who believes in working with the clients own inner resources and their desire for things to change.

After so many years in practice Georgina McKinnon  has worked with an extensive list of different conditions and a vast array of people both in and out of the public eye including  those involved in public life and entertainment. She  has seen clients involved in the media, actors, singers, musicians and writers, Olympic standard athletes, directors, executives and CEOs, but the majority of her work is still with people not in the public arena.  

Georgina is a Fellow of the Association for Professional Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists (APHP) an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and a Executive Director of  The UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO). Georgina is also a Clinical Supervisor.

As well as treating clients Georgina is the principal and lead trainer at her own highly successful accredited  hypnotherapy training school in Kent.
Georgina also jointly runs BWRT training in Kent and Norfolk, the only BWRT classroom based training in the UK - kentinstituteofclinicalhypnosis.co.uk

What can Hypnotherapy help you with?

Hypnotherapy can help in a vast array of different areas,  just some listed here...

Panic attacks,  stress and anxiety,  negative thinking styles, 

lack of confidence or self esteem,  Irritable Bowel (IBS),  fears and phobias,

pain control,  weight control,  exam nerves,  public speaking,

social phobia,   job interviews,  tests,  depression,  grief and loss, lack of motivation and work stress.   

Hypnotherapy can assist in focusing on the important and empowering things in life like setting goals both in business and personal life. 

Georgina is a also a qualified Psychosexual Counsellor.  And of course she can help with ditching dangerous habits like smoking 

The huge and varied list of the of things Georgina can help you with would probably absolutely amaze you.

Many people with anxiety and panic feel as though the world they live in keeps getting smaller!

It’s a uncomfortable place to be.

Beset with all kinds of negative thinking and self doubt, avoiding doing the things you need to do, want to do and should really enjoy doing. Life can begin to lose it’s joy. It's important to realise you can feel different and it needs sorting out.

It's no good people telling you it's nothing to worry about, just move on, snap out of it either because for the person with the fear, phobia or anxiety that advice simply does not work.

A professional like Georgina with thousands of hours of experience, offering you practical help and with strategies to deal with what's worrying you is much more helpful. Someone able to work in the deeper areas of the subconscious mind is much more likely to help you create the change you need in order to begin moving forward, feeling so much better.

So many individuals feel overwhelmed

Even those with seemingly trouble free lives can feel anxious at times or suffer a loss of confidence.

Ask yourself, are you balancing life, keeping your head down, soldiering on, trying to cope, feeling irritated, tired maybe even exhausted? Feeling as though you are being pulled in more than one direction.

It's stress pure and simple and if not sorted out, stress can compromise your health and well being, as well as your peace of mind. Stress can leave you running on empty.

Taking care of yourself, looking at better ways of handling things, opening a conversation, talking things through and allowing yourself to take a while to deeply relax is often the key to feeling so much better. Most clients who come to see Georgina report feeling empowered and relieved, much more relaxed and able to deal with the things that were threatening to engulf them.

Need some help?


Each session 50 minutes long. Georgina McKinnon specialises in helping clients with anxiety, panic or stress and has GPs and other medical professionals referring patients to her.  It could make an enormous difference to your life to come and see her.

Dealing with Anxiety


Each session 50 minutes long, more than one session may be necessary but often fears and phobias can be dealt with very fast and in as little as one session.

Dealing with Fears and Phobias


Come and talk in a safe and calm environment where understanding, communication and healing in your relationship can begin.

Relationship Counselling


Working with children and teenagers in a calm, friendly, fun and safe environment. Children and teens can find things worrying at times but because they are young change is often surrisingly fast. Georgina is happy to show parents and guardians a current enhanced DBS check.

Hypnotherapy for Children and Teens


A single session therapy lasting 2 hours. Georgina has helped hundreds of people quit and trains other hypnotherapists in the  highly successful  award-winning easy quit method she uses.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis


Is time for you to bring your eating habits back into a healthy balance?  Don't make hard work of it, it is easier with understanding and  help, just get in touch.

Weight Loss Hypnosis


If you suffer from any of the uncomfortable symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome including (abdominal) cramps, bloating and either constipation or diarrhoea  you may be interested to know that hypnotherapy has been extensively trialled and proven to be a fantastic treatment with real long-term benefits.  Don't suffer a moment longer. get in touch!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Brain Working Recursive Therapy is a new model of psychotherapy. It does not involve hypnosis.  It is solution focused and promotes a fast resolution of conditions such as post traumatic stress and depression, currently being trialed by the NHS.



Generalised Anxiety - Panic - Public Speaking - Social Phobia  - Exam Nerves - Driving Test Fear - Gender Confusion -   Pain Management - Emotional Difficulties - Bereavement - Grief  - Insomnia - Anger  - Jealousy  - Motivation  - Career and Sports Coaching - Increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence - Non-Medical Psychosexual Dysfunction and Pure Relaxation.

Anything else you need?

If you do not see what you need help with on this list just contact Georgina.

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